Rising Star

Rising Star Award

This award was created to acknowledge the value and contributions of outstanding school business officials, honoring an individual within the first ten (10) years of their SBA career, for both current accomplishments and sustained contributions. Nominees will be evaluated based upon their contributions to their profession, regardless of the size of their districts and/or their job titles.


• Basic or Package MASBO members of at least twelve (12) consecutive months prior to nomination.
• Possess an Initial or Professional SBA license issued by the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
• Participation in the lead SBA role for fewer than 10 years.
• Current employment in the school business profession.
• Attended at least one (1) Annual Institute.
• Current Board members and members of the selection committee are not eligible.


Nominations may be submitted by MASBO members, the superintendent of the nominee's district, and/or other individuals who can attest to the nominee’s contributions. Self-nominations are encouraged.


There are four general criteria outlined and used to select the award winner. When responding, indicate when the accomplishments were achieved, placing the most emphasis on accomplishments in the last five (5) years (2018-19). Be as complete and specific as possible, including:
• How has the nominee contributed to the advancement of the district, the state affiliate, and/or ASBO International?
• Describe unique aspects or responsibilities of the position that the nominee would share with the community to build greater awareness and understanding of the school business profession.
• What has been the greatest challenge or conflict the district has faced, and what did the nominee do to help overcome it?


The Rising Star Award winner will receive the larger of fixed costs or actual expenses toward registration and travel/expenses to participate in ASBO International’s Annual Conference & Expo in the winning year.

Nominations accepted through April 1 with award conferred at May conference.