Friend of MASBO Award

The Friend of MASBO Award recognizes individuals who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Have made a significant contribution (including but not limited to pro-active involvement in the legislative process, the creation of a model program/procedure, the establishment of an exemplary standard or practice) that facilitated a process by which school business officials contribute to educating students in their districts;
  2. Have consistently, and on a long-term basis, provided significant assistance to MASBO in the implementation of its various functions and responsibilities; and/or
  3. Have provided assistance to MASBO in a way that exceeds expectations.

U.S. Omni & TSACG
MASBO is grateful for the partnership of U.S. Omni & TSACG, who through their generosity have made this celebrated award possible. Nominations may be submitted by anyone who can document and attest to the accomplishments of the nominee. There is no annual limit on the number of award recipients; the number of awards is entirely dependent upon the quality and number of nominees in a given year. The recipient receives an award certificate, a letter is sent to the recipient's leadership, and the recipient is recognized in the MASBO Notebook. MASBO members receive the award at the May Annual Institute and non-members may receive the award at any MASBO event. Award selection is determined by the Awards Subcommittee and the Board of Directors.

Nominations accepted through April 1 with award conferred at May conference.



  • Glenn Koocher, MASC
  • Sheri-Lynne Matthews, Acton-Boxborough Regional School District


  • Howard G. Barber, Old Rochester Regional School District
  • William Bell, DESE
  • John Ferris, Retired
  • Stephanie Fisk, Gateway Regional School District
  • Representative Denise Garlick
  • Miriam Goodman, Franklin Public Schools


  • Matthew Deninger, DESE


  • Susan Bottan, Wayland Public Schools
  • Neil Cohen, Office of the Inspector General
  • Daniel F. Deedy, Wachusett Regional School District
  • Robert M. Leshin, DESE
  • Felicia Moschella, Abington Public Schools


  • Greg Zammuto, SEEM Collaborative


  • Ken Wertz, Massachusetts Facilities Administrators Association
  • Paul Schaefer, MASBO Past President (Retired)
  • David DeGennaro, Hull Public Schools
  • Colin Jones, Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center


  • Thomas F. Campbell, Ed.D., Needham Public Schools
  • Susan J. McLaughlin, MASBO
  • Robert O'Donnell, DESE
  • Melissa King, DESE


  • Roger Hatch, DESE (Retired)
  • Sharon Bruce, Connecticut ASBO
  • Sara Consalvo, Worcester Public Schools
  • Tracy O'Connell Novick, Mass. Association of School Committees
  • Gail Zeman, MASBO Past President (Retired)


  • Kristen Behnke, Pittsfield Public Schools
  • Sharon Harrison, Berkshire Hills Regional School District
  • Robert Sanborn, Cape Cod Regional Voc. Tech. High School
  • Luc Schuster, Deputy Director, Mass Budget & Policy Center
  • David Tobin, M.A.S.S. (Retired)


  • Matthew Gillis, Hull Public Schools
  • Stephen Hemman, MARS
  • Robert Johnson, DESE
  • Christine Lynch, DESE
  • Representative Alice Hanlon Peisch
  • Patrick Roach, Springfield Public Schools


  • Clare Johnson Abbott, DESE
  • Jane Crafton, Former MASBO First Lady
  • Susan K. Givens, Masconomet Regional School District
  • Susan T. Hitchcock, Millbury Public Schools
  • Louise Lasna, Retired MASBO
  • Chris McGrath, M.A.S.S.
  • Thomas J. Moreau, DESE
  • Joseph F. Scanlon, Wachusett Regional School District
  • Michael J. Widmer, Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation


  • Dr. John Doherty, Reading Public Schools
  • Joshua Peach, School Dude


  • Joanne Blier, Mohawk Trail & Hawlemont Reg./Rowe School Dist.
  • Robert Hamel, Custom Computer Specialists
  • Allen Himmelberger, Oxford Public Schools
  • Tamara Indianer, Lincoln Investment Planning, Inc.
  • Gerald McCue, Chelsea Public Schools
  • Patrick Meagher, Carver Public Schools
  • TJ Plante, Springfield Public Schools


  • Marilyn D. Gordon, Easton Public Schools
  • Lorraine A Leonard, Town of Harvard


  • Jenny Caldwell Curtin, Massachusetts DESE
  • Michelle Loglisci, Mass. Association of Pupil Transportation
  • Colleen Cavanaugh, Mass. Association of Pupil Transportation
  • Susan Sacks, School Nutrition Association
  • Barbara Hansberry, Mass. Office of the Inspector General
  • Liz Powers, Massachusetts Office of the Inspector General
  • Joyce McEntee Emmett, Mass. Office of the Inspector General
  • John A. Lafleche, Southern Worcester Cty. Reg. Voc. School Dist.
  • Joanne McDonough, Hanover Public Schools


  • Attorney Joseph Bartulis, Fletcher, Tilton & Whipple, P.C.
  • Anne L. Gulati, Needham Public Schools
  • Ronald Skinner, ASBO International
  • Terry Wiggin, Georgetown Public Schools
  • Jeffrey Wulfson, DESE


  • Paul Carlson, Amherst-Pelham Regional School District (Retired)
  • Tamara Indianer, Lincoln Financial Investments
  • John Polumbo, Polumbo & Kulas
  • Tom Scott, Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents
  • William Trifone, Dudley-Charlton Regional School District
  • David Verdolino, Medway Public Schools
  • Candice M. Walczak, South Hadley Public Schools


  • Joseph Delude, Taunton Public Schools
  • David P. Driscoll, Massachusetts Department of Education
  • Mary Ellen Normen (Dunn), Lexington Public Schools
  • A. Francis “Skip” Finnell, Dennis-Yarmouth Reg. School District
  • Susan K. Givens, Masconomet Regional School District
  • Judith Mulligan, Manchester-Essex Regional School District
  • Jay Sullivan, Massachusetts Department of Education