December Bi-Monthly
Health Insurance Cost SavingsPPT Best practice in local school districts_Rippen1.17 MB
Mass Health Care ReformPPTX Massachusetts' new health care reform implications for schools_Bartoulis123.02 KB
Teacher ContractsPPTX Inching into a new era on evals and health insurance_Zeman528.72 KB
2012-Grants Reform  Grants Reform695.47 KB
2012-Common Core Resources  Common Core Resources30.50 KB
2012-Digital Learning Implementation  Digital Learning Implementation2.70 MB
2012-Food Service Financial Management  Food Service Financial Management1.39 MB
Law Institute
PCBs In SchoolsRichard Bedard, Jr.PPTA consultants perspective of PCBs in Schools - R. L. May Jr.6.68 MB
Intellegent Use of EnergyRichard Bedard, Jr.PPTEnergy Cost Reduction Strategies - R.Vaillencourt3.43 MB
Asbestos-Ahera UpdateRichard Bedard, Jr.PPTAsbestos containing materials in schools - Marc Soutra6.68 MB
2012 Annual Trade Show Agenda and RegistrationDOC 2012 Annual Trade Show Agenda and RegistrationUnknown
February Bi-Monthly February 9, 2012
Mass System of Educator EvaluationsPPT Mass System of Educator Evaluations1.42 MB
Fall Institute October 25, 2011
Solar EnergyPDF Solar Energy Presentation by Jeffrey Wootan5.43 MB
Direct Energy BusinessPDF Direct Energy Business Presentation by Matt Pedone2.85 MB
Cloud ComputingPPT Cloud Computing Presentation by Dave Davies (Ben Wilson)1.19 MB
Annual Institute - May 2011
OSD UpdateDOC OSD Update167.00 KB
Progressive DisciplineDOC Progressive Discipline49.50 KB
Job Aid Contract - State Contracts ResearchDOC Job Aid Contract - State Contracts Research1.98 MB
Just Cause JEDOC Just Cause JE27.50 KB
School Finance AccountingPDF School Finance Accounting856.72 KB
Security Access Control - FAC 64PDF Security Access Control - FAC 64302.10 KB
Progressive Discipline - RecapDOC Progressive Discipline - Recap27.50 KB
School Choice and Charter FinancePPT School Choice and Charter Finance833.50 KB
Excel Creation Analysis - Teacher Salary GridsPPS Excel Creation Analysis - Teacher Salary Grids729.50 KB
Excel Creation Analysis - Teacher Salary GridsPDF Excel Creation Analysis - Teacher Salary Grids121.98 KB
Conducting InvestigationsDOC Conducting Investigations - SCM68.50 KB
Copy Fax Machines and SuppliesPPT Copy Fax Machines and Supplies776.50 KB
Food Service MiltonPPTX Food Service - Milton218.02 KB
Internal Fiscal ControlsPPT Internal Fiscal Controls1.37 MB
Food Service - CantonPPT Food Service - Canton255.00 KB
Food Service - NeedhamPPT Food Service - Needham3.97 MB