The Classified Personnel Certification Program is an excellent professional development opportunity for School Business Office support staff to improve their skill-sets and gain a better overall understanding of the School Business process.  This certification can be leveraged as a stepping stone towards advancing within a School Business career path.

Program Coordinator: John Crafton

YEAR 1 WRAP-UP - Monday, March 31, 2014

Hello CPTP Participants,

Congratulations on completing the first year of the program.  Hopefully it has been a worthwhile experience so far.  Just a reminder that the Trade Show was the last class of your first year and you will not be attending the Law Institute.  The Law Institute will be the capstone to your program and you will attend in order to graduate.  Next year’s schedule is usually published in August, so no need to inquire on dates, we will send you the schedule as soon as it is published.  Our program follow’s the MASBO event calendar and when that’s completed we then align our schedule to it.  Please sit tight until then.  Also, if you missed any classes this year, be prepared to attend them next year.  Since next year is your last year, if you miss a class, you will not be able to graduate with your group and will instead have to make up the class the following year.

See you next fall!



As you may be aware, your Board of Directors has developed a comprehensive training program for the “classified” personnel that report to School Business Administrators.  This group includes administrative assistants and bookkeepers who perform accounts payable, payroll, grants and other functions that the school district’s business office is responsible for.  The program is designed to give these employees an understanding of the many functions within the business office and how they interact.


We are about to commence a new cohort of participants, and you are receiving this early notification because you or your SBO responded to the MASBO Performance Assessment survey.  If you or someone in your office is still interested, please complete the online registration before August 9th, as a mass email will be sent to all MASBO members at that time.  A summary of the program is listed below.

Commitment:                   30 hours of contact time over a two year period (extended by 6 hours over last year’s program)


Enrollment:                        Approximately 25 participants per cohort with a new cohort accepted each fall.  Two cohorts will be running at all times

Proposed Fee:                  $695 per participant for the entire program, which includes 1 year of Associate Membership in MASBO

Deliverable:                       Participants, who can collaborate in teams, will produce a comprehensive Business Office Procedure Manual. Each participant will be responsible for submitting a manual specific to their district.

Curriculum and

Schedule:                            Each year will include 3 half-day sessions with three hour-long presentations and 1 full-day session.  Meals will only be included with the full-day sessions, however for an additional $45 you may purchase a meal and stay for the remainder of the MASBO meeting by emailing Louise Lasna at masbo@masbo.org



Sept. Bi-Monthly 9/12/2013 Double Tree, Milford Payroll 9:00-12:00 Grants / EOYR 12:30-3:30
Dec. Bi-Monthly 12/10/2013 Double Tree, Milford Procurement 9:00-12:00 Budget 12:30-3:30
Feb. Bi-Monthly 2/5/2014 Double Tree, Milford Accounts Payable 9:00-12:00 Accounts Receivable 12:30-3:30
Trade Show 3/11/2014
The Lantana
Trade Show 9:00-2:30 n/a n/a
Law Institute 4/3/2014 Double Tree, Milford n/a n/a Law Institute / Graduation 9:00-3:00


                                    Certificate of

Completion:                      A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to each person who successfully completes the entire CPTP program.


      Enrollment will be according to registration and payment of the tuition fee.  The enrollment process will commence upon your receipt of this notification.  If interested, complete your registration by clicking below.  You will be notified by mass email when the maximum enrollment level has been attained.


CLICK HERE to register                                     


New Program Website - Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Starting today, the Classified Personnel Certfication Program website is being launched.  This website will be a resource for program participants to be able to view the program schedule, class agendas, important announcements and obtain electronic copies of presentations.  Additionally, if there is other content that you desire, just ask. 

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions - Friday, December 10, 2010

Weather Cancelation Policy: This program will be canceled when Milford Public Schools closes for weather.  There will be no change in the case of a delay.

Attendance Policy: Attendance is mandatory at all sessions.  If you miss a session, you must make it up in the following year - no exceptions.

Records Retention Manual: http://www.sec.state.ma.us/arc/arcpdf/MA_Municipal_Records_Retention_Manual.pdf