ASBO International Member Types and Benefits

ASBO International Membership Types & Benefits

Active Member ($190/year)

There are two kinds of Active membership in ASBO International:

1. Active Individual Membership: Non-transferable. Membership stays with individual.
2. Active School Membership: Transferable. Membership stays with the institution.

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  • An individual, employed or independently contracted by a public school district, private school, parochial school, college, or university to perform school business functions in an administrative or supervisory capacity.
  • An individual serving as a college or university faculty member of school business or educational administration.
  • An individual employed by a state or provincial department of education or research laboratory.
  • An individual employed as a professional staff member of an affiliate organization.
  • A member who holds current Emeritus membership and becomes re-employed in any area of school business management or related endeavors is eligible for Active membership.

  • School Business Affairs magazine
  • Accents Online bi-weekly email newsletter
  • School Business Daily email briefings
  • 20% discount on books
  • Discounted registration for professional development and recognition programs
  • Discounted insurance
  • Annual voting rights
  • Opportunities to volunteer

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